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Milk Tea Hair Colour Is Trending All Over Asia

The milk tea craze is on! From being a favourite sugar-filled fave drink to a trending fashion hair colour, milk tea is in everything now. Inspired by none other than your favourite beverage, you can now enjoy pretty milk tea hair colours, too!

Milk tea hair is a combination of brown and blonde. They describe the shade as a "beautiful, creamy beige—not too warm, not too cool, and falling somewhere between light brown and dark blonde." Browsing through the tag, we've seen the colour in a full dye job, ombré looks and dip-dyed ends.

Well, Next Salon Official offers you your next milk tea hair experience. We got you the trending Milk tea ash hue that many ladies are hooked in. Check out these Instagrammable milk tea hair experience from our satisfied customers.

Tan and Grey Minimalism DIY Influencer Youtube Thumbnail Set.png

Milk hair3.PNG

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