Jerry Tan

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Jerry, with over 30 years of experience under his belt started his career at the tender age of 17. What started as a love of arts, music and fashion saw him and his group of friends experimenting and cutting each other’s hair. Then a stint as a model for a hair-show set the path into hairdressing as they would often hang out in the salon, eventually learning the ropes of the trade.

After 7 years working in a salon, Jerry yearned to learn more and a chance encounter with Kim Robinson led him to travel to Hongkong where he trained and worked alongside some of the international stylists/colourists. When “le salon orient” opened in Singapore, Jerry was among the first batch of hairdressers to helm the salon for the next 7 years going on to cut/style many local artists such as Chuando,Henry Golding,Dick Lee, Jacintha Abishinagen, Several Mediacorp actors/actresses ,F1 driver Max Verstappen,bruneian royalty,(as well as international artists such as Grasshoppers, Simon Yam, Ekin Cheng, Elva Hsiao, Anita Yuen and Lea Salonga.)

Jerry enjoys “Dry cutting” hair as he says it allows him to observe and understand how each individual client’s hair ‘fall’. His other favourite is cutting with texturising scissors which results in softer outline with lots of movement. This technique is especially appropriate for clients with thick or naturally wavy hair…

Our Team

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Darren Ong

Art Director & Freelancer

Darren has honed his talent & passion for hair at Next salon for the past 15 years .Thankfully his passion has not waned, and is still continually trying to hit those high notes in the industry…


Melvin Tay

Style Director & Freelancer

Melvin started his career in hairdressing since 2004. He started out as a stylist with Toni&Guy Singapore. In 2007 he moved to Melbourne and within 2 months he became a franchisee with Toni&Guy St Kilda. For the past 15years, Melvin has established a reputation for creativity, professionalism and pursuit of perfection in his cuts. With his combination of fashion and customer care, Melvin has an exceptional loyal following.

In 2012, Melvin decided to move back to Singapore, being a Style Director at Next Salon he has an opportunity to create different styles based on clients lifestyle and suitability. With a love for training and education he was part of the Next training team . Currently he emphasize his passion on fulfilling his clients desires as closely as possible...

Leng Lim

Style Director

Leng worked her way up through the ranks under Next salon; showcasing her expertise acquired through more than 13 year-experience in hair industry. Leng has gained insights and exposure to the art of hair. Leng possesses a uniquely versatile cutting style which made her as a reputable mentor (educator). Sharing invaluable techniques with the future stylists. She is also a hairstylist to affluent executives, celebrities and models.

For her, "There is no single style that suits everyone". That's why leng places great emphasis on consultation to her clients so that she can customise a style suitable to their needs, personality and lifestyle…


Angeline Poh

Leading Stylist

Angeline has a passion for haircut and hair styles and has a 14 year-experience in the hair industry.

She customises her customers’ wants to what suit them best. She always listens to customers’ concerns and is also willing to give suggestions that will suit her customer’s face and style.

Her Goal is to create a personal beauty plan for and maintain integrity of her client’s hair while giving them the hair they’ve always dreamed of. Angeline will make sure that you will always feel beautiful whenever or wherever…


Danson Lim

Leading Stylist

Danson is a meticulous stylist when it comes to hair and he has been working in the hairdressing industry for over 7 years.

He makes it a point to keep up to date with the latest hairdressing trends, and together with his innate artistic and creative vision, He never fails to provide a personalised haircut to each of his clients,Getting them red carpet and camera-ready for all occasions.

Aside from his Korean-inspired sense of style, Danson had also won praised from his clients for his fun easygoing nature…


Damon Koh

Leading Technician

Damon has a passion for colouring and perms and has a 7 year-experience in the hair industry.

He colour- customises to his customers’ concerns and is also willing to give suggestions what he thinks will suit the customers face and style .

His Goal is to create a personal beauty plan for and maintain integrity of his client’s hair while giving them the hair they’ve always dreamed of. Damon will make sure that you will always feel beautiful whenever or wherever …


John Wong

Leading Technician

Next trained through-and-through,John has became a master of the palette, expertly matching bespoke colour ways with both the complexions and personalities of his clients.

‘‘He has always been fascinated with colours and wanted to do something with the arts, He started doing colour on his own hair and realised he can share this with everyone”


Our team of friendly assistants are all trained to provide our signature Next head massage that leaves you feeling relaxed and stress-free…