Hair Services


Hair Cuts

60 mins
$45-$100(Before GST)

Offering everything, from a quick dust off , to a total re-style, the hair stylists at Next Salon ensure each experience is totally relaxing and an utter indulgence .To ensure your looks are tailor-made to suit you ,we offer a full consultation, taking into consideration your face shape ,hair texture,the time you want to spend styling it and your lifestyle.


Shampoo and Blow-dry &Styling

Next intuitive sense of what works for our clients allows us to use them as a canvas -whether they want a glamorous evening style or a simple ,no-fuss look .And of course the most important part will be the ‘NEXT SIGNATURE HEAD MESSAGE 'by our lovely assistants


Relaxing Scalp Massage Treatment



Healthy hair starts at roots . These relaxing and rejuvenating treatment helps purify your scalp and removes dandruff leaving it well moisturised to prevent recurrence .and prevent hair loss by giving your scalp a nourishing treatment that gives each strand of your hair a healthy boost of much needed vitamins and protection.


Next signature Cinderella Magic Treatment

60mins -90mins

$140-$220(BEFORE GST)

Ideal for normal and dry hair, this treatment is designed by our own stylists to give your strands a rehydrating boost to keep it bouncy and shiny . Next salon is a popular choice


K-Gloss Anti Frizz Treatment



One of the Signature treatment in NEXT salon.K-gloss hair treatment is a protein smoothing treatment.the treatment will help to make the lifeless and dry hair,More manageable and leaves the hair more lustrous and free of works on all hair types.The keratin and collagen are infused to rebuild hair fibre.It is also safe to use an colour treated hair and chemically treated hair.It eliminates frizzy 90% and can last up to 4 months .


Keratin Treatment



Next salon’s keratin treatment are no ordinary hair treatment .it’s a process where keratin is bound and ironed straight to give a straight and sleek effect that gradually wears off after 3months or so.Hence ,you don’t have to worry about unsightly hair regrowth .



60 mins

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